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Thiersee 09

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Thiersee 09

Pubblicato da GlobeRunner - « »

Ciclismo MTB
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Stato: Austria Inizio: Thiersee MinEle: 593 m
Tyrol, Austria
Fine: Thiersee MaxEle: 1706 m
Waypoints: 0 Dislivello salita: 3664 m
81.6 km
Downloads: 23 Dislivello discesa: 3646 m
Data report:
May 18, 2009
Pubblicato: May 18, 2009 Hits: 1438
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Very scenic! Mainly gravel paths, some small forest paths. The bikes had to be carried through some rough/snowy sections. Not even an experienced mountainbiker could do this entirely on the bike, but they could easily just skip our two easily identifiable little hikes (where we went for geocaches). Total cycling/walking (moving) time just under 9 hrs 50 min.

We took the train to Kufstein and a local bus from there to Thiersee, where we rented mountainbikes.

We stayed at mountain huts Kala-Alm and Ackernalm, both with wonderful views. The former had no showers, but very friendly staff, reasonable prices and nice food. The former had hot showers, but awful beds. It was also considerably more expensive and we were not impressed with the food (apart from the breakfast, which was good at both places).

Tracks & Routes

Nome Descrizione Distanza Dislivello salita Dislivello discesa  
Thiersee 09 No Description 82 Km 3664 m 3646 m
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