Heusden Bovy Gr-Blue

Pubblicato da Vanbrabant Roland  

Ciclismo MTB
Stato: Belgio Inizio: Domain "Bovy" MinEle: -236 m
Regione: Limburg Fine: Domain "Bovy" MaxEle: 65 m
Cittą: Heusden-Zolder Waypoints: 0 Dislivello salita: 703 m
Distanza: 39.0 km Downloads: 4 Dislivello discesa: 713 m
Data report: Aug 7, 4833 Pubblicato: Aug 7, 1427 Hits: 2521


Startingpoint: Domein Bovy  Galgeneinde 22  3550 Heusden-Zolder
This is the larger hub. It's the combined Mtb track from the official Bloso site. Green AND  the blue arrows. In my opinion the blue parts are the most interesting.
I've recently corrected the first blue extension because it was the most difficult to ride with Gps in the summer. The second blue hub I will check later on, but I dont think this will be a problem. You know .. sometimes watch the nature and the arrows

Tracks & Routes

Nome Descrizione Distanza Dislivello salita Dislivello discesa  
Bovy Blauw G No Description 39 Km 703 m 713 m