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Stato: Belgio Inizio: Nmur MinEle: 65 m
Fine: Nmur MaxEle: 205 m
Waypoints: 8 Dislivello salita: 711 m
58.6 km
Downloads: 11 Dislivello discesa: 712 m
Data report:
Feb 26, 5720
Pubblicato: Mar 22, 2009 Hits: 1768
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This is a round trip in the south of Namur, a nice town in the Walloon region (Belgium)

In Namur you can hire a bike at the cyclist house (Maison des cyclistes de Namur) joust ouside the train station, the service being available in summertime (see the web site). Otherwise you can hire a bike at the shop Altitude Zero haussée de Waterloo, 83  (see the map: waypoint bike-hire-1). Namur is at the confluence of the two rivers Sambre and Meuse and is the crossing point of two of the most important bike paths of Belgium, namely RAVEL1 and RAVEL2.

The trip described here is an easy path starting at the bike shop (about one Km NW of the Namur city centre), then moves toward the confluence of the two rivers crossing the city centre. After crossing the river Sambre the unmistakable silhouette of the citadelle should be left on our right; some 100 metres following the river Meuse and then we take on the right following the track to ascend to the citadelle following the Route Merveilleuse (nomen omen). On the top some minutes should be devoted to embrace the wonderful outlook, if not to take breath; the bridge on the Meuse and the city over the Sambre are worth more than a look. Then following the track we will cross the smart districts of Namur with posh cars parked on either sides of the street in front of wonderful houses. Then we should descent at the level of the river Sambre either following the route or by taking a shortcut (see the track) which could be quite muddy. Then, once on the riverside we will follow the bike path (just few meters from the water!) until the enclosure: we cross it bike at hand and we start following the opposite bank of the river toward Nord until reaching the town Dave. Then we leave the bike path and move toward East in the direction of Naninne, Wierde, Mozet, Faulx-Les-Tombes and Stru. Now we take Northward to reach the river and the bikepath at Sclayn. Now do not cross the river, since the bike path is on the southern shore of the river: by following it you will easily reach the city centre of Namur.

Tracks & Routes

Nome Descrizione Distanza Dislivello salita Dislivello discesa  
ACTIVE LOG 0 No Description 59 Km 711 m 712 m
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POIs (Points of Interest)

Picture Description Coordinates Elevation Icon

Bike-hire-1 Lat: 50.472084 Lon: 4.847940 0 m
ée de Waterloo 114

C 1 Lat: 50.467844 Lon: 4.857544 0 m

Dave Lat: 50.414800 Lon: 4.887714 0 m

éncluse Lat: 50.399940 Lon: 4.881269 0 m

Mozet Lat: 50.439777 Lon: 4.986076 0 m

Naninne Lat: 50.418148 Lon: 4.917926 0 m

Stru Lat: 50.449905 Lon: 5.055770 0 m

Wierde Lat: 50.424842 Lon: 4.948139 0 m