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Stato: Svezia Inizio: Tekn Högsk, Sthlm MinEle: -16 m
Regione: Stockholm Fine: Tekn Högsk, Sthlm MaxEle: 20 m
Waypoints: 0 Dislivello salita: 89 m
10.6 km
Downloads: 2 Dislivello discesa: 99 m
Data report:
Oct 24, 8943
Pubblicato: Oct 24, 3090 Hits: 1581
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Östermalm - Gärdet - Djurgården - Diplomatstaden in central Stockholm

A good option when the forest paths are covered in sheer ice. The entire way is well sanded.

I started from Tekniska Högskolan simply because my parents live there, but it is also a good starting point if you arrive by public transport. Please note that Tekniska Högskolan metro station and bus central is the same station as Östra station for the Roslagsbanan trains (all parts of SL, see for information). 

Tracks & Routes

Nome Descrizione Distanza Dislivello salita Dislivello discesa  
Ostermalm-Ga No Description 11 Km 89 m 99 m
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