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Stato: Svezia Inizio: Norrviken, Sollentuna MinEle: 1264 m
Regione: Stockholm Fine: Norrviken, Sollentuna MaxEle: 1270 m
Cittą: Sollentuna Waypoints: 0 Dislivello salita: 54 m
Distanza: 13.5 km Downloads: 4 Dislivello discesa: 56 m
Data report: Feb 11, 2009 Pubblicato: Jun 2, 7347 Hits: 1855


Pattinaggio/Ice skating

This is probably the most popular lake in the Stockholm region. The reason is simple: the tracks are cleared more often here than on the other lakes. There are two cleared tracks, and they are easy to combine without having to cross thinner or rougher ice.

See my tour "Edsviken" if you would like to continue to another lake.

Plenty of parking is available and the lake may also be reached by taking the commuter train from Stockholm C (towards Märsta) and getting off at Norrviken (see

Please ignore the altimeter readings. They are clearly incorrect.


Tracks & Routes

Nome Descrizione Distanza Dislivello salita Dislivello discesa  
Norrviken No Description 13 Km 54 m 56 m