Moerangi Hut

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Stato: Nuova Zelanda Inizio: River Rd MinEle: 376 m
Regione: Whirinaki Forest Park Fine: River Rd MaxEle: 941 m
Cittΰ: Minginui Waypoints: 11 Dislivello salita: 1235 m
Distanza: 22.0 km Downloads: 36 Dislivello discesa: 1232 m
Data report: Oct 22, 2005 Pubblicato: Oct 23, 2005 Hits: 3488


A trip we did this weekend. We intended to do the full circut around to Rogers and Skips Huts but the Moerangi River was in flood and was difficult to cross so we reurned the same way. I have shown Skips and Rogers Huts as waypoints from previous trips.

This track is excellent in places and diabolical in others, at one point involving a fairly despirate scramble down a gully in the upper Moerang Stream. However the track is being upgraded with recent work completed between the waypoints Bridge2 and Slip.

Tracks & Routes

Nome Descrizione Distanza Dislivello salita Dislivello discesa  
Return trip No Description 11 Km 525 m 785 m
to Moerangi No Description 11 Km 710 m 447 m

POIs (Points of Interest)

Picture Description Coordinates Elevation Icon

BRIDGE2 Lat: -38.733455 Lon: 176.727089 693 m
22-OCT-05 3:46:41PM

BRIDGE3 Lat: -38.746006 Lon: 176.726809 648 m
22-OCT-05 4:14:57PM

CANYON Lat: -38.681023 Lon: 176.701689 386 m
23-OCT-05 4:19:57PM

Helicopter P Lat: -38.716659 Lon: 176.725283 831 m

Moerangi Hut Lat: -38.748287 Lon: 176.723791 0 m

Okahu Rd End Lat: -38.676794 Lon: 176.810167 0 m

River Rd Car Lat: -38.675518 Lon: 176.698646 0 m

Rogers Hut Lat: -38.752699 Lon: 176.789278 0 m

Sign Lat: -38.701264 Lon: 176.712286 541 m
17-APR-99 02:08

Skips Hut Lat: -38.720413 Lon: 176.800070 0 m

SLIP Lat: -38.744500 Lon: 176.726522 653 m
22-OCT-05 4:08:20PM