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Vogelvijk Route

Pubblicato da Valeria Rado « »

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Vogelvijk Route

Pubblicato da Valeria Rado « »

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Stato: Olanda Inizio: Den Haag MinEle: 0 m
Regione: Zuid Holland Fine: Den Haag MaxEle: 15 m
Den Haag
Waypoints: 0 Dislivello salita: 96 m
18.1 km
Downloads: 27 Dislivello discesa: 95 m
Data report:
Aug 22, 2005
Pubblicato: Aug 22, 2005 Hits: 2593
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One of the best places to skate in Den Haag is the low trafficked and well paved road of Laan van Poot. Here you skate along the Bosje van Poot and Westduinpark until you reach the beach town of Kijkduin.

Along Monsterseweg you can reach the village of Monster.

You can return by the same way or, if  you like a less flat terrain,  take the Noordzeeroute in Kijkduin and join back Laan van Poot at the end of the Westduinpark.

Tracks & Routes

Nome Descrizione Distanza Dislivello salita Dislivello discesa  
22-AGO-05 No Description 18 Km 96 m 95 m
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