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Den Haag Westland

Pubblicato da Valeria Rado « »

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Den Haag Westland

Pubblicato da Valeria Rado « »

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Stato: Olanda Inizio: Den Haag MinEle: 0 m
Regione: Zuid Holland Fine: Den Haag MaxEle: 16 m
Den Haag
Waypoints: 4 Dislivello salita: 360 m
58.3 km
Downloads: 20 Dislivello discesa: 283 m
Data report:
Aug 14, 2005
Pubblicato: Aug 14, 2005 Hits: 3972
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From Den Haag we cycled on the beautiful Noordzeeroute LF1, passing dunes and country fields. The route takes you Hoek Van Holland which overlooks the Nieuwe Waterweg that leads to the port of Rotterdam. From here we reached the massive Maeslantkering stormgates.
The route continues passing the fields in the outskirts of Delft, and eventually ending in Den Haag.

Tracks & Routes

Nome Descrizione Distanza Dislivello salita Dislivello discesa  
14-AGO-05 02 No Description 58 Km 360 m 283 m
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