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Karpathos Diafani

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Karpathos Diafani

Pubblicato da Valeria Rado « »

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Fine: MaxEle: 359 m
Waypoints: 8 Dislivello salita: 731 m
13.0 km
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Aug 1, 2005
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The most famous village in Karpathos is Olymbos. It was built in 1420 by the inhabitants of Saria and Vrykounta. The houses in Olymbos were built on the edge of a precipice, due to a fear or pirates raids. Olymbos was cut off from the rest of the island and stubbornly persisted in the old ways, observing traditions and customs to this days. The women of Olymbos (that rules in the village) still wear their finely embroied aprons. Of the old stone built windmills only one is still functioning and is being transformed in a taverna.

You can easily walk from Diafani to Olymbos by following the main road and taking the path that cut the curves. Buses also run daily to Olymbos. A new road is currently under construction from Olymbos to Spoa and when the road is finished the yaers of  isolation will probably come to an end.

Avlona is another village within walking distance (1hr) of Olymbos.
Today is virtually abandoned with only one taverna and a smattering of new houses among many more abandoned.
From Avlona it is possible to walk to Vananda Beach by folloing a path after the pink painted church on the road to Olymbos. The road we took end abruptly but the view is worth the walk.

In Vananda Beach there is the taverna Sia Ke Araxame run by Minas who lives there all year around in the company of 20 cats and 6 dogs. Minas also offers a few rooms and a camping site.
Vanada beach is pebble, quiet and with a useful source of free fresh water.

Saria today is unhabitated and can be reach by caiques from Diafani. From Palatia beach there is a nice walk that follow the river baed up to the today abandoned village of Argos.
Palatia was built in about the 9th and 10th centuries C.E. by the pirates who raided the mediterranean. In older times, it was said that shepherds used to bring their flocks from Karpathos to Saria by swimming the narrow (100m) and not so deep strait (1,5m) bettween the two islands.
Today the archeological site has not been exploited yet. The remains of the old wall that protected the city can be still be seen on both sides of the bay.
On top of the village of Argos there is a church with a breathtaking view of Palatia bay.

Tracks & Routes

Nome Descrizione Distanza Dislivello salita Dislivello discesa  
04-AGO-05 From Olympos to Avlona 9 Km 524 m 365 m
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06-AGO-05 Unhabitated island of Saria 3 Km 109 m 205 m
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27-LUG-05 From Diafani to Vanada Beach 2 Km 97 m 68 m
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