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Karpathos Ammopi

Pubblicato da Valeria Rado « »

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Karpathos Ammopi

Pubblicato da Valeria Rado « »

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Inizio: Pigadia MinEle: 0 m
Fine: Pigadia MaxEle: 111 m
Waypoints: 8 Dislivello salita: 520 m
12.8 km
Downloads: 120 Dislivello discesa: 406 m
Data report:
Jul 23, 2005
Pubblicato: Aug 6, 2005 Hits: 3404
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Walk to Ammopi.
The path began from our Hotel (Elia's Studio) and snaked upwards towards the main road. The first part of the track takes you along the main road and it is not so nice but the traffic is light. At a certain point there is a sign that indicate a left turn to Agh. Kyriaki. The road went up a mule track and thanks to the gps device we were able to understand which road we had to follow. After a walk under the torid sun and an encounter with goats we were rewarded with a breathtaking view of the Ammopi coast. The best beach to visit is a quite cove on the left witha thin strech of pebble (Christou Potami).  You can access the beach by climbing down the left side of the cove. The beach is sunny till about 17.00.
The main Ammopi beach is about 2 km away but it was too commercial and crowed for our taste.

Tracks & Routes

Nome Descrizione Distanza Dislivello salita Dislivello discesa  
24-LUG-05 No Description 13 Km 520 m 406 m
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