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Driving Crk Railway

Pubblicato da Peter McKellar « »

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Driving Crk Railway

Pubblicato da Peter McKellar « »

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Stato: Nuova Zelanda Inizio: Driving Creek Rd MinEle: 70 m
Coromandel Peninsular
Fine: Eyeful Tower MaxEle: 183 m
Waypoints: 5 Dislivello salita: 115 m
2.5 km
Downloads: 17 Dislivello discesa: 2 m
Data report:
Jun 2, 2007
Pubblicato: Jun 4, 2007 Hits: 5276
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The Driving Creek Railway is a unique private railway constructed by Barry Brickell over the last 30 years. Initially he built it to transport clay to his pottery but eventually as the railway got longer and longer it has become a tourist attraction.

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Tracks & Routes

Nome Descrizione Distanza Dislivello salita Dislivello discesa  
Railway No Description 2 Km 115 m 2 m
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POIs (Points of Interest)

Picture Description Coordinates Elevation Icon

Tunnel1 Lat: -36.736354 Lon: 175.506395 114 m
03-JUN-07 11:44:05AM

Tunnel2 Lat: -36.735912 Lon: 175.506308 116 m
03-JUN-07 11:44:39AM

Tunnel3 Lat: -36.736970 Lon: 175.508605 154 m
03-JUN-07 11:52:53AM

EYEFUL Lat: -36.736040 Lon: 175.508659 182 m
03-JUN-07 11:57:50AM

LOWER STATION Lat: -36.737099 Lon: 175.504419 70 m
03-JUN-07 11:25:13AM