Waipakahi Hut

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Stato: Nuova Zelanda Inizio: Kaimanawa Rd MinEle: 713 m
Regione: Kaimanawa Forest Park Fine: Kaimanawa Rd MaxEle: 1589 m
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Distanza: 30.8 km Downloads: 20 Dislivello discesa: 1814 m
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A classic trip. Good tracks over the Urchin and over Umukarikari. But the route up the Waipakahi River is a bit rough under foot and has lots of river crossings.

We walked up to the camp at bushline on Friday evening , carrying water, and then completed the rest of the trip Saturday and Sunday. This trip is often done as a 3 day trip with a night camped out on the flats in the Waipakahi River.

The weather forecast was good for this weekend so we began by walking up the Urchin Track on Friday night. I have been down this track many times and it seems like a long way. Strangely the up hill trip never seems as bad.

We made a good steady pace before stopping at a campsite on a section where the track levels out just before climbing again to bush line.

Saturday morning and the weather was still nice and we emerged out to magnificent views as we climbed onto Urchin. But we were soon descending into the Waipakahi Valley and stopped for rest by the river.

The wander up river to the hut from here involves many river crossings and after a while one despairs of ever getting to the hut. However, once around one of the many similar bends in the river, the hut appears on a terrace up ahead. Soon we were inside and lighting the nice new stove inside.

The trick to the Waipakahi Hut stove is to shut the door of the stove once it is lit. We were wondering what the roar was, it was the fire getting going. Soon the hut was toasty warm.

We were joined by a couple who had come in over Umukarikari. She was American and he was British. They lived in Ohakune. However they had meths instead of White Spirit for their stove so we had to come to their rescue.

Sunday was a major disappointment with low cloud and drizzle. This wasn't in the weather forecast. We headed off with parkas on and kept a steady pace all they way over to bush line on the far side of Umukarikari. Everyone went really well except we all agreed that we had cold legs and should have stopped to put on leggings of long johns.

We were very early for our transport so we pitched the tent fly and sheltered from the rain while we had lunch. I phoned Olwyn at the camping ground and arranged an earlier pick up time, which meant we got back to Rotorua in good time to dry out.

Tracks & Routes

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Day 1 No Description 2 Km 411 m 24 m
Day 2 No Description 15 Km 615 m 646 m
Day 3 No Description 13 Km 780 m 1143 m

POIs (Points of Interest)

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UMUTRK Lat: -39.140468 Lon: 175.835380 715 m

LUNCH Lat: -39.162736 Lon: 175.897476 1000 m

19-MAY-07 12:37:16PM

CAMP Lat: -39.168939 Lon: 175.840633 1202 m

18-MAY-07 10:02:25PM

URCTRK Lat: -39.154433 Lon: 175.833917 0 m

WAIPAK Lat: -39.123817 Lon: 175.958033 0 m

Umukarikari Lat: -39.132483 Lon: 175.903633 1591 m

Urchin Lat: -39.175183 Lon: 175.844950 1392 m