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Harvest Moon

Pubblicato da Trento Film Festival  »

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Harvest Moon

Pubblicato da Trento Film Festival  »

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Stato: India Inizio: MinEle: 0 m
Fine: MaxEle: 0 m
Waypoints: 13 Dislivello salita: 0 m
733.0 km
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Data report:
Jan 20, 2021
Pubblicato: Apr 15, 2007 Hits: 2594
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"trento film festival" Himalaya "Thalay-Sagar"




Rob Frost/Stephan Siegrist

Four Swiss mountaineers attempt a new challenge in the Himalayas: they want to climb the still unclimbed north western ridge of the Thalay-Sagar (6,904 m) in India, which, due to its extremely difficult climbing passages starting at an altitude of 5,900 m, is considered almost unconquerable.

Thanks to their technical aids, the climbers manage to proceed meter by meter under the worst conditions.

Then a shocking situation: more than 60 cm of fresh snow force them to leave the wall because of the high avalanche danger. However, the team sets off for the summit again only 4 days later.

There are still 150 steep and crumbling meters of rock face left for Stephan Siegrist, Denis Burdet, Thomas Senf and Ralph Weber.

Trento Film Festival - Lunedì / Monday 30.04.2007 18:00

Tracks & Routes

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percorso arr No Description 733 Km 0 m 0 m
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POIs (Points of Interest)

Picture Description Coordinates Elevation Icon

Thalay Sagar Lat: 30.863163 Lon: 78.992550 6904 m

Harvest Moon

Scoperta Lat: 43.715479 Lon: 15.112083 0 m

inicia traccia Lat: 28.489275 Lon: 85.735441 0 m

giro1 Lat: 30.858535 Lon: 78.992527 0 m

giro2 Lat: 30.861426 Lon: 78.990941 0 m

giro3 Lat: 30.863647 Lon: 78.988384 0 m

giro5 Lat: 30.881278 Lon: 78.989315 0 m

giro4 Lat: 30.861716 Lon: 78.977307 0 m

giro6 Lat: 30.856203 Lon: 79.003680 0 m

giro7 Lat: 30.870797 Lon: 78.996865 0 m

giro8 Lat: 30.878112 Lon: 78.982238 0 m

giro9 Lat: 26.803068 Lon: 78.228144 0 m

Scoperta Lat: 43.715479 Lon: 15.112083 0 m