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Around Mt Ngauruhoe

Pubblicato da Peter McKellar « »

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Around Mt Ngauruhoe

Pubblicato da Peter McKellar « »

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Stato: Nuova Zelanda Inizio: Mangatepopo Rd MinEle: 0 m
Regione: Tongariro National Park Fine: Mangatepopo Rd MaxEle: 1634 m
Waypoints: 10 Dislivello salita: 1567 m
26.7 km
Downloads: 35 Dislivello discesa: 1105 m
Data report:
Nov 11, 2006
Pubblicato: Nov 14, 2006 Hits: 2717
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This is an off track trip and requires some navigation skills. A night can be spent at Oturere Hut but in my case I camped out.

We didn't actually complete the trip. We turned back in high winds and heavy rain, however I have done this trip before so have added the proposed track, which involved traversing the summit of Mt Tongariro and then back to the car down a long easy ridge.

10am and we arrived at the Mangatepopo Road end in a bus with only about two working gears. Unfortunately we hadn’t made it right through the last shower of rain so it was wet when we arrived.

We quickly donned parkas and packs and headed up the track. Directly opposite the turn off to Mangatepopo Hut, we veered right and headed for the cliffs of Pukekaikiore. Soon picking up the track that heads around the foot of the rock climbing bluffs we steadily gained height, encountering snow fresh from the previous week as we approached the little saddle between Pukekaikiore and Ngauruhoe.

We stopped here for lunch and then headed off on the traverse around the slopes of Ngauruhoe, going made awkward by rough lava covered in pools of deep soft snow.

Once past the marker pole at the end of the traverse we dropped down into the valleys at the back of Upper Tama Lake. The going here improved but a relentless westerly wind got up. We sidled around to the eastern side of the mountain, skirting rough lava ridges and then made a direct line for Oturere Hut, crossing a couple of gullies and ridges.

About 2 kms before Oturere Hut, I stopped to make camp. I feel morally reluctant to pay Great Walk Hut rates so had my tent instead. The rest of the party went on to Oturere.

My campsite was mildly sheltered but did get some wind. I cooked my tea and then just as I was about to go to bed the rain started to come down. Showers at first but then steady all night. However I was OK, warm and snug in my tent.

First thing Sunday Morning I downed breakfast and joined the others in the hut as they were finishing theirs. Considering the weather Graham had decided that we would take the shortcut from the Oturere Valley direct up into South Crater, avoiding the tracked route which would require going over Red Crater. We hoped for shelter from the wind and driving rain in the lea of South Crater.

However an hour and a half later we found ourselves still in cold blustery conditions. Rather than being sheltered the wind seemed to be worse the further went. The constant rain and turbulent conditions meant there was no place to rest and some of the party were finding it hard. Looking on ahead it appeared that there was still a way to go upwards and possibly through snow as well. After a quick talk around it was decided that the safest thing to do was head back for the hut.

We arrived at Oturere Hut soon after midday to find another party in residence, having come through from Waihohonu that morning. At first we thought we might head for Waihohonu ourselves that night and aim for a late pick up on the Desert Rd however as the rain and wind pounded on the hut we eventually decided to take the safe option and sit tight. The party still hadn’t recovered fully from the morning’s efforts and the weather seemed worse. After contacting Rotorua by cell phone it was a matter of pooling food reserves and settling in for the night. As it happened, everyone seemed to have plenty of spare food and no one seemed too put out by another day in the hills.

Monday dawned perfectly fine, still calm and clear. After a quick cell phone call to arrange for the bus to meet us on the Desert Rd at 1pm we were off. Chris and I made diversion to prove that the shortcut across the valley via the Waihohonu Springs is indeed shorter and then we all went to inspect the old historic Waihohonu Hut, which has been improved with museum type exhibits inside and interpretation panels outside.

We got to the road shortly before 1pm and after huge ice creams at the Turangi Dairy we headed for Rotorua to explain ourselves to out respective bosses and families.

Thanks to Graham for the great leadership and keeping us all safe, dry and warm.

Tracks & Routes

Nome Descrizione Distanza Dislivello salita Dislivello discesa  
Day 1 No Description 12 Km 970 m 715 m
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Day 2 No Description 7 Km 596 m 389 m
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Planned Rout No Description 8 Km 0 m 0 m
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POIs (Points of Interest)

Picture Description Coordinates Elevation Icon

MANGATEPOPO HUT Lat: -39.144767 Lon: 175.596667 0 m

MANGATEPOPO RD Lat: -39.144414 Lon: 175.581034 0 m

Marker Pole Lat: -39.167217 Lon: 175.620808 1636 m
11-NOV-06 2:23:24PM

MT NGAURUHOE Lat: -39.158133 Lon: 175.634917 0 m

MT TONGARIRO Lat: -39.129067 Lon: 175.637233 0 m

MY CAMP Lat: -39.164964 Lon: 175.669430 1372 m
11-NOV-06 6:06:26PM

OTURERE HUT Lat: -39.158683 Lon: 175.689350 0 m

SADDLE Lat: -39.157857 Lon: 175.616176 1589 m

Saddle2 Lat: -39.141817 Lon: 175.646617 0 m

Solar Panel Lat: -39.159687 Lon: 175.616887 1600 m
11-NOV-06 1:30:07PM