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Mtb Holsbeek Gr-Bl

Pubblicato da Vanbrabant Roland « 

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Mtb Holsbeek Gr-Bl

Pubblicato da Vanbrabant Roland « 

Ciclismo MTB
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Stato: Belgio Inizio: Sporthal Holsbeek MinEle: 9 m
Brabant Flemish
Fine: Sporthal Holsbeek MaxEle: 75 m
Waypoints: 1 Dislivello salita: 469 m
37.1 km
Downloads: 4 Dislivello discesa: 463 m
Data report:
Dec 4, 219250468
Pubblicato: Oct 12, 2006 Hits: 2019
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This is the official Mtb track of Holsbeek near Leuven. You can ride two different tracks -green (15)  and blue (24). Or the combination of both tracks. This is the one presented here ... The combination track can eventually be extended with a few red rings. Taking the combined green blue red up to 55 km.
Some climbing has to be done here ... and it can get quite muddy. Beautiful environment of course

Tracks & Routes

Nome Descrizione Distanza Dislivello salita Dislivello discesa  
Track 1 Holsbeek groen-blauw 37 Km 469 m 463 m
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POIs (Points of Interest)

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mtb holsbeek Lat: 50.921740 Lon: 4.757398 15 m
11-OKT-06 13:34:42