Dragons Teeth

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Stato: Nuova Zelanda Inizio: Trilobite Hut MinEle: 0 m
Regione: Kahurangi National Park Fine: Anatoki Valley MaxEle: -1000 m
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Distanza: 43.3 km Downloads: 41 Dislivello discesa: 0 m
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Unfortunately this track is a mock up because I dropped my GPS into the river on day 3 of this trip and it did not go again. However I do show the main huts and features of the trip. The route finding is generally fairly straightforward except for dropping down into the Anatoki River from Lonely Lake. There is no track and it is essential to follow the correct ridge. I have marked the approximate locations of cairns that mark the top and bottom of this section.

We intended to follow the route to Adelaide Tarn and then to Boulder Lake Hut and the James Rd trailhead. However we struck bad weather which prevented further travel in the untracked upper Anatoki Valley so evacuated downstream to the Anatoki Hut. From there we went down the Anatoki River. We plan to return and finish the trip next summer.

Day 1 – Trilobite Hut to Fenella Hut:

Follow a good track up the Cobb Valley

Day2 – Fenella Hut to Lonely Lake:

Follow the ridge all the way. There is no official track here but plenty of people use it so the route is well padded. Care with route finding would be needed in foggy conditions.

Day3 – Lonely Lake to the Anatoki River

It is essential to find the right ridge to go down into the valley. There is no track but you can see where others have been up the Anatoki River. Many parties go all the way to Adelade tarn in one long day but we decided to split this day into two. If doing this I would suggest camping further downstream from where we did. The camping was not good in the upper valley.

Day4 – Anatoki Valley to Anatoki Hut

We evacuated out because of rain and got to the hut before the rivers came up. Another party with us attempted to go on and turned back later. They couldn't cross the river on the way back so had another night camped in the bush.

The route down is easy following the river. You intercept the Lake Stanley Track which then gives very easy going to the hut.

Day5 – Anatoki Hut to Trailhead.

A long trip down a good track. It took us about 7 hours.


Tracks & Routes

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Track No Description 43 Km 0 m 0 m

POIs (Points of Interest)

Picture Description Coordinates Elevation Icon

ADELAIDE TAR Lat: -40.942891 Lon: 172.543480 9999 m

ANATOKI HUT Lat: -40.939200 Lon: 172.608283 0 m

Anatoki Trai Lat: -40.896542 Lon: 172.737887 0 m

BOULDER LAKE Lat: -40.900345 Lon: 172.579314 9999 m

Cairn1 Lat: -40.974133 Lon: 172.564424 0 m

Cairn2 Lat: -40.963086 Lon: 172.571836 0 m

Camp site Lat: -40.952075 Lon: 172.556148 0 m
Not a good campsite. Not recommended

CHAFFEY HUT Lat: -41.094639 Lon: 172.570603 9999 m
CHAFFEY HUT (Derilict)

COBB HUT Lat: -41.055930 Lon: 172.525027 9999 m

Dragons Teet Lat: -40.955615 Lon: 172.535477 0 m
Dragons Teeth

FENELLA HUT Lat: -41.049578 Lon: 172.525198 0 m

James Road Lat: -40.779325 Lon: 172.558878 0 m
James Road Right Branch

Lake Stanley Lat: -40.957950 Lon: 172.602982 0 m
Lake Stanley Track

Lead Hills R Lat: -40.858130 Lon: 172.514473 0 m

LONELY LAKE Lat: -40.982459 Lon: 172.557814 0 m

Peter's Lat: -40.975332 Lon: 172.555015 0 m

Small Saddle Lat: -41.042404 Lon: 172.544065 0 m

small saddle Lat: -41.000162 Lon: 172.549406 0 m

TRILOBITE HU Lat: -41.130259 Lon: 172.609141 9999 m