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Hot Water Beach

Pubblicato da Peter McKellar « »

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Hot Water Beach

Pubblicato da Peter McKellar « »

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Stato: Nuova Zelanda Inizio: Lake Rotomahana MinEle: 286 m
Regione: Rotorua Lakes Fine: Hot Water Beach MaxEle: 472 m
Waypoints: 3 Dislivello salita: 274 m
9.1 km
Downloads: 40 Dislivello discesa: 367 m
Data report:
Feb 19, 2006
Pubblicato: Feb 19, 2006 Hits: 2985
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This is a little known track giving access to Hot Water Beach on Lake Tarawera. Access to this beach is normally only by boat.

The track starts at "The Wash" on Lake Rotomahana. A permit is usually needed to drive through the forest roads to get here.

The track is well mostly well marked but it is possible to loose it in places. Hopefully this track might help someone.

Sorry, i didn't take any photos

Tracks & Routes

Nome Descrizione Distanza Dislivello salita Dislivello discesa  
forest road Vehicle track through the forest. A permit needed to use this. 6 Km 85 m 204 m
Vedi altimetria
Track Walking track 3 Km 189 m 163 m
Vedi altimetria

POIs (Points of Interest)

Picture Description Coordinates Elevation Icon

Track Start Lat: -38.257581 Lon: 176.423553 347 m
19-FEB-06 9:33:35AM

The WASH Lat: -38.258901 Lon: 176.423576 0 m

HOT Water Be Lat: -38.243494 Lon: 176.433751 0 m