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Dent de Vaulion

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Dent de Vaulion

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Stato: Svizzera Inizio: Le Pont MinEle: 834 m
Regione: Vaud Fine: Le Pont MaxEle: 1491 m
Waypoints: 5 Dislivello salita: 953 m
19.5 km
Downloads: 2 Dislivello discesa: 906 m
Data report:
Jul 18, 2010
Pubblicato: Jul 19, 2010 Hits: 1542
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Jura Joux Le Pont Vaulion Vaud



Easy round trip from/to Le Pont (L'Abbaye, VD). Starting from the shore of Lake Joux you will ascend quite fast to the summit and then back to the Lake. The path is almost completely in the woods, but for the summit itself. From there you command a magnificent view on the Lakes Joux and Brenet (the smaller one). Also the Neuchatel and Geneva Lakes can be seen if the air is clear enough; if you are really luky you could also spot on the far South the peak of Mont Blanc.

Tracks & Routes

Nome Descrizione Distanza Dislivello salita Dislivello discesa  
Dent de Vaul No Description 19 Km 953 m 906 m
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POIs (Points of Interest)

Picture Description Coordinates Elevation Icon

10 Lat: 46.674529 Lon: 6.338100 1054 m
Jura Bike (3)

Chalet Lat: 46.704855 Lon: 6.371233 0 m

La Dent du Vaulion Lat: 46.684041 Lon: 6.351277 1462 m
Dent de Vaulion (1483 M)

Le Pont Lat: 46.665222 Lon: 6.331150 1006 m
Le Pont

étra Felix Lat: 46.659252 Lon: 6.347745 1138 m
18-LUG-10 10:01:20AM